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As Musician Attensi Wiring Web Projects

As Musician

I will post some sketches and ideas to this cloud of sounds:

alexanderbrevig on soundcloud

Attensi: My Work As System Architect / Developer

I will add info and some screens of what I do, but for now take a look at out website that I made.

Please check us out at

Wiring: My Open Source Contribution

Wiring is an open source programming environment and electronics i/o board for exploring the electronic arts, tangible media, teaching and learning computer programming and prototyping with electronics. It illustrates the concept of programming with electronics and the physical realm of hardware control which are necessary to explore physical interaction design and tangible media aspects.

Please check us out at

My Libraries

A complete list will come here, but for now. Look here for most of my libraries

Various Web Projects

Playing with

A first simple time schedule for students

A jQuery UI enhanced simple sortable interface. At this point nothing is stored. This is just for testing the idea on some friends.

Here is the current version: timeschedule v0.7. This is a slightly different way to go about it: timeschedule rowbased v0.2

Mandelbrot with javascript

During class, while we learned about the Mandelbrot series, I implemented a function that draw the mandelbrot to a canvas

Your browser does no support the yet.

World Word War

The thought here was that people would click on the word they wanted to get to the top. It actually become so popular that the server crashed and I was forced to take it down.

One of these days I will reimplement it, and publish it again. a first version of a site for a project I was involved in


Try to sketch a stick man, or a UML diagram

Minus Or Plus

The visitor gets to choose either minus or plus. That's it. At the time of writin, plus is in the lead.

Speed Dialer

A portal like thing that displays screens of eight sites. The visitor can customize the speed dialer to point to his 8 most popular sites.

PHP Syntax Higlighter

I wrote a syntax highlighter for Wiring in PHP. The lexer is just under 80 lines of code.


This is a site where you could potentially order any image as a bead art kit. Take a look at to get an idea of what this is.

BEWARE that site is in Norwegian.

Future Memo - work in progress

A service that enable you to 'schedule' tweets at a point in the future time

Ajax Commenter

A service that enable you to 'schedule' tweets at a point in the future time

Various utilities and programs

Safe Live Deploy

A simple version control of files. With rollback and deploy shortcuts.

SVN Folder Deleter

A simple utility that recursively removes all .svn folders of a subversioned project.

In Case of Emergency

A small app for Windows Phone 7 that enables the first on scene to quickly get in touch with the people closest to the victim for important information.

ATM dummy

A software implementation of an ATM, with UI

Multi Clipboard

Ever wanted to have more than one clipboard? If you're using windows, you can!

Maine Coon Prediction

A small application for determining the outcome (pattern and color) of a maine coon mating

Issue Tracker

A supersmall php application because I suddenly got tired of writing memos all over. This is some time ago, now I use commercially available products.